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contract logistics

Contract logistics is the outsourcing of resource management tasks to a third-party company. saadat sorat as a contract logistics company in iran can handle activities such as designing and planning supply chains, designing facilities, warehousing, transporting and distributing goods, processing orders and collecting payments, managing inventory and even providing certain aspects of customer service.


Contract logistics in iran

Saadat Sorat is one of the leading contract logistics service providers in iran, with more than 70 years experience have warehouse and logistics space under management in all important cities of iran.

  • Providing high quality transportation services to all of our clients
  • Invest in our employees to provide better service and company growth
  • Worry about enviroment according to latest industry standards
  • Safety as top priority in assuring safe work procedures
  • Investing in technology to provide fast, acurate and cost-effective service
  • Living up to highest industry standards

But in certain having the right amount of a good at the right time, getting it to the appropriate location in proper condition and delivering it to the correct customer.

industries covered

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    Textile Logistics

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    Retail Logistics

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    Oil & Gas Logistics