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Interview with Mr.Milad Shirazian, Manager of Saadat Sor'at International Transport & Shipping Agency in iran

JCtrans: Hello, Mr. Milad. Firstly, will you please make a brief introduction of Saadat Sor'at International Transport & Shipping Agency?
Mr. Milad: Saadat Sorat started its activities in mid-1990s and it is subsidiary of Saadat Group which was established since 1947. Our main core business is internal transportation. We are also running one of the biggest internal transport companies based in Tehran.
JCtrans: We know Saadat Sor'at International Transport & Shipping Agency has a long history. What do you think are your competitive advantages in this industry?
Mr. Milad: Our competitive services & prices along with door to door package make us unique. We do whatever is needed to satisfy our clients. Our customers are amazed by our tailor made services and rely on it.
JCtrans: Nowadays, the competition in logistics industry is fiercer and fiercer. What do you think is the most important thing to run a logistics company?
Mr. Milad: I think the most important things to run a logistics company are as follows:

1) Highly Qualified Staff
2) State of the Art IT Systems
3) Sound Investment
4) Excellent Customer Service

JCtrans: Would you please talk about the current logistics industry in Iran? Are there any advantages or problems? Mr. Milad: Iran enjoys one of the best geographically locations in the world which connects three continents and has long sea shore in the south and north which facilitates for transiting shipments from Iranian southern ports to Europe,Afghanistan,Turkey,Iraq,CIS Countries. Transport in Iran is inexpensive because of the government's subsidization of the price of gasoline. Iran has a long paved road system linking most of its towns and all of its cities. And trains operated on 11,106 km (6,942 mi) of railroad track. Dozens of cities have airports that serve passenger and cargo planes. But there is still long distance to improve for Iran logistics industry. JCtrans: Finally, will you please talk about the prospect of Saadat Sor'at International Transport & Shipping Agency? Or what's your strategic planning for the next 3 or 5 years? Mr. Milad: Our main target in the next 3 to 5 years is to increase our volumes as the following breakdown:
1) Sea Import volume: 2500TEU monthly
2) Sea Export volume: 5000TEU monthly
3) Transit to CIS by wagon: 700 wagon monthly
4) Transit to CIS by truck: 150 Truck monthly
5) Obtaining ship management & husbandry of at least two major container shipping lines.
JCtrans: Thank You, Mr. Milad , JCtrans

Source: JCtrans

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