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SAADAT SORAT International Transport And Shipping Agency is One of the leading international freight forwarders established in Iran with more than 70 years experience, Saadat Group Co. Ltd. is actively engaged in transportation of cargoes on road, rail, sea and air originating from any part of the world to Iran, or vice versa. We move shipments on a worldwide basis for our customers by offering a quicker, professional and more efficient service at competitive rates. .

SAADAT SOR’AT Company, one of the leading Transport Company in Iran, can perfectly cover all the States in Iran. The prominent cities and borders mentioned below are covered by Its own offices, while the rest of the country is covered through sub-agents & its strong internal trucking company.

  • Invest in our employees to provide better service and company growth
  • Worry about enviroment according to latest industry standards
  • Safety as top priority in assuring safe work procedures
  • Investing in technology to provide fast, acurate and cost-effective service
  • Living up to highest industry standards

  • Transportation in iran

    Freight Forwarder Company In iran

    Our Freight forwarding services encompass capabilities for handling less – than – container load ( LCL ) and full – container load ( FCL ) shipments , break – bulk cargoes and charter services .ROAD SEA LAND AIR obtains value – best pricing with excellent space commitments.we import and export cargo from North America - Latin America - Asia (far east) : China - japan - Korea - Malaysia - Hong Kong - Singapore, Mildle East : U.A.E - Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - Bahrain - Qatar, Erope : Italy - Germany - England - Spain - etc.

    According to the most recent GMA Study, manufacturers will expend nearly 7% of their sales on logistics costs. Many of those companies will look to the experts in the logistics marketplace to assist them in controlling and reducing said costs. Many of these manufacturers and others will potentially compile comprehensive RFP's in the coming year to define a qualified list of suitors as potential logistics providers. The invited companies will be reviewed and required to meet numerous criteria including; stability, technology, and experience among many other considerations. As companies make the decision to embark on such initiatives unfortunately many will overlook some very basic components and not all of these companies are truly ready to be a partner. Commonly overlooked key considerations are cultural compatibility and top to bottom buy in. Not just the executive suite but all the way down to the shipping dock and the people who are in trenches working everyday moving product. While you are in the process of establishing the critical criteria and expectations of a logistics provider, go to the ranks for input as well. What are their challenges, their needs, and their expectations?

    Transportation in iran
    transportation in iran


    Is everyone in your organization ready to be a partner? Understanding and communication at all levels is key to the success of your logistics program. At the end of the day, an uninformed and unsupportive shipping supervisor can halt the wheels of commerce. By communicating the goals and scope of a logistics program you can assist in putting all parties at ease if they understand and are a part of the decision making and planning process.

    Are you willing to share? A good partnership must be open book and all parties must be willing to embrace a sharing of data and internal corporate goals to achieve maximum efficiencies and savings.

    WHY CHOOSE Saadat Sorat

    • Fast Worldwide delivery

      Depending on weight, dimensions, destination and desired delivery time, we can offer you several options of shipping.

    • End-to-end solution available

      You will be able to avoid the extra hassles, such as planning transportation services to the freight terminal and making accommodations for destination delivery.

    • Safety & Compliance

      Safety and security are of primary concern for any transport system. customers expect transportation to be safe. One of the roles of the Saadat Sorat Co. is to respond to these expectations by ensuring that there are satisfactory standards in the whole world for safety and security in all modes of transport.

    transportation in iran

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