Shipping China to Iran

shipping china to iran

Shipping china to Iran

Saadat Sorat provide transportation services (shipping Cargo) through domestic and international alliances we have been able to shipping corgo by container or bulk from china to iran or vice versa . We take care of the entire transportation process so that you may focus solely on the core area of your business. Our team addresses all of your individual needs, from project supervision to cargo consolidation and transportation. Quickly, competently and smoothly. shipping cargo from china to iran via bandarabbas (BND) or other iranian port. Our main land transportation is transit to all cis countries consisted of ten former Soviet Republics: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan via Iran and vise versa. our advantages is we handle any type of transit cargo.

shipping china to iran

Freight Forwarding China To Iran

ocean freight,sea freight,freight cargo by container from china to iran - bandar abbas (BND) General cargo and groupage transportation - Complete loads and partial shipments - Cross trades - Transportation management for oversized cargo - Refrigerated container - Break Bulk cargo - Express deliveries - Issuance of transportation and related documents - Bonded warehousing and logistics.

China to cis
  • Fujian to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Guangdong to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Hainan to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Hebei to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Hong Kong to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Jiangsu to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Liaoning to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Macau to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Shandong to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Shanghai to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Tianjin to Iran - BND/bandar abbas
  • Zhejiang to Iran - BND/bandar abbas

Also we have ocean freight from the major ports of china to iran - bandar abbas - BND
Dalian - Yingkou - Jinzhou - Qinhuangdao - Tianjin - Yantai - Weihai - Qingdao - Rizhao - Lianyungang - Nantong - Zhenjiang - Jiangyin - Nanjing - Shanghai - Ningbo - Zhoushan - Taizhou (North of Wenzhou) - Wenzhou - Taizhou (South of Wenzhou) - Changle - Quanzhou - Xiamen - Shantou - Jieyang - Guangzhou - Zhuhai - Shenzhen - Zhanjiang - Beihai - Fangchenggang - Haikou - Basuo - Sanya
For transit from china to cis countries you can see our ---> Transit To CIS Web page
Specialized in the transport shipping from any port of China to Bandar Abbas in transit to CIS countries, Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan via Iran,Kazakhstan via Iran,Tajikistan via Iran,Azerbaijan via Iran,Kyrgyzestan via Iran,etc
Shipping Service From China to Iran - Sea Freight From China to Bandar Abbas,Bushehr,Khorramshahr,Imam Khomeini,Chahbahar - Air Freight From China to Tehran

Shipping rate from china to iran

If you have any inquery for shipping rate & pricing from china to iran - ocean freight from china to iran - Shipping services from china to iran, pls contact us now!

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    Freight China to Iran - Textile

  • china to bandar abbas

    Shipping China to Iran - Retail

  • china to iran

    Transport China to Iran