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International Air freight

International Air Freight


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freight forwarder in iran

Freight services


Road, air, train or overseas. We got it covered!

Freight forwarder in iran

Saadat Sorat


Powerful Transport & Logistics Solution


We have a wide experience in overland industry specific logistic solutions like pharmaceutical logistics, retail and automotive logistics by train or road and transit cargo to CIS via Iran.


We bring your goods safely to worldwide destinations with our great sea fright services. We offer LLC and FLC shipments that are fast and effective with no delays.


As a freight forwarder, we provide full supply chain management package including cost effective and fast sea freight. You can also combine this package with other means of transportation.

What we Offer



Contract logistics

Need custom logistic service? We got it covered. From overland, air, rail and sea transportation. Fast, safe and accurate shipment provided all over the globe.


Overland, Ocean and Air Freight

Saadat Sorat International Transport and shipping agency company offers the best logistics services using all mens of supply chain. Use our overland, ocean and air freight solutions for shipment of your goods.

SaadatSorat transportation in iran

Warehousing and Storage

Saadat Sorat offers intelligent warehouse solution. Lower your storage and good maintenance by using our modern and intelligent warehouses. You can see all locations on location page.

transportation company in iran

Consulting Services

Don't know what mean of transportation would be right for you, or you need someone for full supply chain management? Please contact us. Our team of professionals will be happy to help.


We cover different industry sectors, from food and beverage, chemical, retail, durable goods and more. Check the full list.

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    Consumer Packaged Goods

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    Chemical Goods

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    Food and Beverage

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    Retail Goods

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    Energy, Oil and Gas

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transportation in iran

SaadatSorat is a freight forwarding company and shipping agency in iran and specialy transit cargo to CIS.

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