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Who we are


We are Saadat group, a holding company operating in over 150 countries worldwide, providing great shipping experience to our clients and our partners.


Saadat Sorat International Transport And Shipping Agency is One of the leading international freight forwarders established in Iran with more than 70 years experience, Saadat Group Co. Ltd. is actively engaged in transportation of cargoes on road, rail, sea and air originating from any part of the world to Iran, or vice versa. We move shipments on a worldwide basis for our customers by offering a quicker, professional and more efficient service at competitive rates. .

  • Operating worldwide
  • Professional personnel
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Flexible services


Safety and security are of primary concern for any transport system. customers expect transportation to be safe. One of the roles of the Saadat Sorat Co. is to respond to these expectations by ensuring that there are satisfactory standards in the whole world for safety and security in all modes of transport.

The expected outcomes of these measures include:

  • Reduced risk of disruptions of trade in response to security threats.
  • Improved security against theft and diversion of cargo, with reductions in direct losses (cargo and sometime the vehicle) and indirect costs (e.g. higher insurance premiums).
  • Improved security against illegal transport of goods.
  • Improved screening process (cost and time) and simplified procedures.
  • Increased confidence in the international trading system by current and potential shippers of goods.


  • Fast Worldwide delivery

    Depending on weight, dimensions, destination and desired delivery time, we can offer you several options of shipping.

  • End-to-end solution available

    You will be able to avoid the extra hassles, such as planning transportation services to the freight terminal and making accommodations for destination delivery.

  • Expert Customer Service

    Successful cargo shipping starts with experience and knowledgeable customer service representatives. When your business needs to move its freight expeditiously - without delay, there is no time to deal with amateurs. At Saadat Sorat, our customer service experts know and understand the entire shipping process from beginning to end.

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